All I Do is For My Liberty in Life!


I live my life according to the will

I press my way no matter how I feel

I encourage and inspire without any doubts

Knowing that my Lord and Savior will bring me out.

I trust you not me

For liberty, love, and zeal

For if I had to do it alone I would not be still

For you know the plans for my life

It’s purpose, order and will.

Yet I am the creation poised to listen and be still

For all I do is for my liberty in life

A liberty in God’s perfect will !

Illonda Madison




As my soul searches for you this morning, O God, my whole being cries out to you. My head is heavy upon me, my mind scares me with the emotions I’ve arisen to, that of anger, anxiety, bitterness, hurt, betrayal, awaken by a series of thoughts, occurring in my mind during sleep, visions of murky waters, down pouring of a storm where dogs barked and bellowed for my flesh. I arise and sought your living word for wisdom, strength, peace, knowledge and understand. As I met with you, my God and allowed the unction of your Holy Spirit to dwell within me. The bones that silently ache received healing, the broken heart began restoration. The grief that had overtaken for cleansing and renewal. A dawn of a new day gave joy, the joy that became strength, and for the wisdom you gave through your word, I received the knowledge and understanding to proclaim this day of the Lord. Divinely connected with sisters of Christ reform this whole being that cried out to you with a peace and love that transform the mind that began in fear to a mind of things from and of above, good, pleasing and perfect will. Satan scheme and tactics did not receive any praise nor glory. I shout to you Lord, I will continue to gird myself in the Armour of God. Thank you and praise your holy name. For God you are good and your love is forever and the loyalty goes on and on. So at this break of a new day. I release gratefulness and a new song because God, you’ve done miracles ,and my life is VICTORY in your hands.


One Blessing A Day

I once read a statement in a passage that stated the following,”During an individual’s not enough season of life, God gave one blessing a day! Each blessing served its own purpose, yet the message behind it.”

The final statement speaks volumes. The message behind the purpose of the blessing is the most powerful in lessons. In life, we often complain as we endure a not enough or not my kind of season.  But we all have paths and rivers to cross that are unlikely to our human likes or wants, but the purpose is of our need to elevate to the level of maturity God intended solely.God’s purpose is to elevate one into the man or woman He desires them to be.  As we endure the uncomfortableness of the season, we question and cry out to God for answers.  Then His still quiet voice always whispers,”Cast all your cares upon me, for I careth for you.”

God alone is the one a day blessing!

Relying on Him and His promises will forever keep you in His care. God is faithful, I can attest to the not enough season, its reactions, and purpose. Yet I’ve learned with dependence upon God and His care, the one a day blessing becomes the gift of a lifetime!

God’s Purpose, His Order and Will

Screenshot_2017-02-28-01-15-56-1.pngI’ve pondered through the years of God’s purpose and will. 

At times I’ve lost my train of thought.

 To wander in his presence and be still.

 God never promised me that everyday would be filled with happiness. 

He said,”I’ll be there with you, in purpose, order, and will.”

 I’ve tried to change my course a time or two, trials and tribulatians gave hope to go through.

 Many gave blessings, some curses without knowledge.

 But my purpose,  His order and will, pressed through with God’s Holy Ghost Power! 

“Father, I’ve stretched my hands, bent knees, and shed tears too!” Keeping the faith for all my strength was in you . 

Patience, and perserverance kept me steadfast in pursuit.                         Now my direction, understanding, knowledge, and focus is on you. 

Striving,  marching forth in the destiny you’ve planned.  Reaching toward heaven with only memories of Egypt land.

I now know my purpose , His order and will. 

Continue pressing and be blessed, but most of all stand still.Resting in God grace, for he knows my destiny’s end, dear friend.

  To produce His purpose, His order and will!

This Christmas!!!!!!



Since my earliest years, Christmas had always been my favorite holiday.  Although its season’s climate is not my favorite because the  winter season is associated with the element of cold weather. I’ve never been a fan of cold weather, maybe that’s why fall and spring are  my favorite seasons.  Despite its climate, Christmas for me was always happy!  The time of year where all family can get together and be of good spirits, even if that good spirit was for a moment.  Yes, even the mean-spirited  family member smiled for once!   My heart, mind, and soul reflected on this holiday as I watched a movie with my family. Ironic as it is, the title of the movie was,”This Christmas!”

The Christmas holiday is defined differently by many as people near and far spread the Good News, and try their best to exhibit happiness, joy, love, and peace. Educating their loved ones young and old of the reason for this season, whether it’s faith-based with the story of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, or the gift of giving  faith, hope, and love through their time of  giving whether it’s clothes, food, or helping hands to those who are in need.

The gift of giving to those in need was well represented in my home by my mom and dad.  I remembered as a child, the two of them always clothing, housing and feeding strangers  who later became a part of the family. My parents were these kindhearted individuals who always represented the morals spoken of earlier, happiness, joy, love, and peace. Another reason why I feel I embraced and loved the Christmas holiday, because my home felt this way as a kid growing up. When my mom passed away, Christmas was different, dad always made the holiday times fun, yet as time passed the holidays weren’t the same. How could it be, a vital part was missing. Holiday became the time where you were grateful for life and gifts, expectations became seeing that sibling that strayed away when mom passed and life happened, or seeing those aunts, uncles or cousins who moved on or getting to taste that good ole sweet potato pie grandma brought on her visits to your home. Things changed, Christmas became adaptable. Some may look at this as it sounds sad but it wasn’t. Life happened and my siblings and I utilized coping skills to make the most enjoyment during the holidays.  We surprise ourselves some years with how we discovered and rediscovered our inner selves and love of this holiday. My mom was no longer with us but her love and legacy lived on in our inner beings. She always taught us the importance of family and love, and  because of this we let nothing separate us from her best-Love!

Some call it growth, I call it our memorable moments that help us avoid the traps of not celebrating the holidays, because of our life circumstance. I mean, I sympathize as well as empathize with all because there’s nothing my family and I haven’t experienced, so I can relate to many going through this holiday season without a loved one, news of an illness, loss of employment,a home or just those who aren’t in the holiday spirit. But with faith, family, hope, and love ,you can and will conquered all! I’ve always been an optimist in my family and I’m being honest when I tell you it wasn’t easy but as I look back over our lives it was all well worth it. Where does all of this play a factor in the title, well I’m so glad you asked because I will tell you now. This Christmas is one of great importance for me and my family because four years ago we lost our dual parent, our father.

It  was the day after Christmas, December 26,2012. A day in our lives that will never be forgotten but we’ve pressed through with  faith and love for one another to get to this point in our lives. The year 2012 was the last Christmas my family and I shared the best of everything! There was so much happiness,joy,love and  peace that as I look back on it that day was too good to be true! To be awaken early the next morning with the most horrific phone call I ever had, to hear of its content. The love of all our lives gone, this stagnated my love for and desire to celebrate this holiday! Questions of why the one time all my siblings gathered at once in my home.  My heartbroken reality left me as numb as ice on the skin for several years after.  But then came restoration in a divine moment where my siblings and I are sitting planning four years later in the Spring of Christmas.  This Christmas was held at my younger sibling’s home in our hometown! We had the greatest of moments. Reflected on the love our parents instilled in each one of us, digesting the aroma and flavor of Southern cuisine at its finest-home cooked! This Christmas was all that I’ve ever dreamed of. There was faith, family, food, happiness, joy, love, peace, and the restoration of all lost with more gifts in blessings of our parents lineage. My love for kids has always been a strength for me ,I was surrounded with the love of all my nieces, nephews, great-nieces and nephews! Beauty at its best, I can honestly say this Christmas was the best in our lifetime and I’m so grateful as well as thankful for seasons in life. All is not lost, and life happens as I mentioned earlier, not only for growth, but for love and legacy to have its purpose in one’s life!

This Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Love Never Ends


I’ve used this scripture all my life, its description is so humbling, self reflecting and keeps me balanced! A phone call from a sibling in reference to a relative’s marriage on rocks prompted this writing.

My response to this phone call went like this,

“I wish I had mom’s shirt! When you lose a mom it’s hard, we know that, when you lose a sibling the sting erupts, when you lose a best friend, you lose a gem, when you lose your father, many emotions fester, leaving one feeling so lost. But when the voids are not filled with God and love for oneself, we try to fill that void with things. God places spouses in life to be an image,but a broken vessel sometimes wants the spouse to put them back together again, and fill those voids. The man is not equipped for that, only God can, and in time, He will! But He’s waiting for his daughters to cry out to him for her brokenness to be healed! Then He can and will restore her!God restored, restores and will continue to restore His  girls!”

My sibling asked if she can send this in messenger, I responded with a “Yes.”  Lyrics of Mahalia Jackson’s song (If I Can Help Somebody) plays in my head. I choose to follow this in life,as it goes to say, “If I can help somebody, as I pass along, if I can cheer somebody, with the word or a song, If I can show somebody, that he’s traveling wrong, then my living shall not be in vain.” This conversation was truly a living testimony and its end result brought joy to our hearts.  Family is  very important,mine is of  exceptional, because at an early age we lost our mom and our father became our dual parent. We  lost one of our siblings and the depth of his death pierced us all with a  pain one’s flesh can only describe as unbearable! The stillness of grief dampened  our lives until God restored us with the birth of a baby boy whom we named after my sibling who passed.This was the beginning of a legacy that has evolved into a lineage of many. Today I’m so grateful to how God’s many acts of brokenness has brought blessings and blessings have brought humility. With God all things are possible and I’m a believer that He will do it again! God is faithful and He never fails,but  most of all His love never ends!  I ended the conversation  with my sibling by simply stating to her like all the other things life has blown our way,”This too shall  pass!”